Ours is the fury

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ARTIST: Jeremy Zuckerman
ALBUM: Legend of Korra- Book 2
TRACK: Jinora's Light
PLAYS: 2,023


Jinora’s Light by Jeremy Zuckerman [x]


virgos are drawn to roles where they can provide service to others. many people born under virgo are found in nursing, social welfare, teaching and care industries. no matter how hard life turns for virgo, they always believe the best is waiting to come. they inherited the bright light of leo, but keep it on the inside, flickering steadily within

I want someone to write a fic or a short drabble of Korra waking up in the aftermath of the finale
blinking around, coming to her senses, trying to get up

only to collapse back onto the bed and whisper “I cant feel my legs…”
And repeating it over and over again, panicking, and hyperventilating, until she’s nearly screaming and Asami has to hold her down so she wont hurt herself falling off the bed and wipe her tears and hug her-oh I made myself sad :((((((((