Ours is the fury

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did anyone else have trouble waterbending last night?

→ Anonymous whispered : What is your favorite games of thrones episode regarding Ansa and what do you think of Sophie Turner?

Ohhh that’s tough! Id say the latest episode. She was so…wonderful. She kept being reminded of the loss of her family, their deaths were mocked in front of her but she was strong, and behaved the way it was expected of her to behave. I love that at this point in the game, she puts on a mask of her former self to let her torturers think that she’s simply a domesticated dog as they forget that she’s a direwolf. I adore Sansa’s silent strength and the fact that despite everything, she still hasn’t lost her kindness and humanity. All hail Sansa Stark.
And I adore Sophie. Great actress, she hasn’t said a word (pretty much) in the last episode yet her facial expressions told so much. AND SHE GETS SANSA. She gets her and is so protective over her, it’s great